Protect Your Artwork

In addition to decoration, mats are also used for preservation and conservation. We carry a large selection of mats from Crescent [RagMat, Museum], “made of strong cotton fibers, which are naturally free of any chemicals that could harm your artwork”.

Most importantly, the mat is used to separate the art from the glass, protecting it from any condensation that can develop on the inside of the glass and that can easily be transferred onto the artwork. Damages that may affect your piece include water damage, mold and mildew.

During the mounting process of your artwork, the mat plays another major function. While you may find some photographs, or paper item art, glued onto the backing and therefore preventing anyone in the future from removing it without damage, at Mill Creek Art Gallery, we use “photo corners” (4 small triangular pockets into which the corners of the art are put in) instead of forever gluing them down onto the backing.

The mat will be on top of the art, hiding its corners and holding it in place. Your piece will be sealed between the mat and the backing, both acid-free and our mounting methods are designed for protection and conservation.


Enhance the Beauty of Your Artwork

Adding a mat to your artwork can sometimes be a bit tricky. You should avoid using colors that could overpower the picture or draw your attention away from the central piece of the project. Keep in mind that the mat should be chosen to enhance the artwork and not to diminish its beauty.

At Mill Creek Art Gallery, we specialize in mat designs. Our expertise is at your service and our vast experience will make it easy for you to make your selection. Your ideas combined with our help will find the exact material to beautify your artwork or a particular key element of the piece.

We also recommend for some fine art to use additional mats underneath the top one. Mats are also helpful when your piece of art has damaged corners that you would not like to display. The mat is placed on top of it and its acid-free characteristic will protect it and avoid more damages.